Book Review: The Mother Earth Insurgency (Tales From a Warming Planet #1)

Title: The Mother Earth Insurgency (Tales From a Warming Planet #1)
Author: J. G. Follansbee
Genre: Fiction, Literature
Pages: 92
Publisher: Joseph G. Follansbee/Fyddeye Media

Rating: 4/5

The Mother Earth Insurgency is a novelette by J. G. Follansbee who also has a full length dystopian novel named Carbon Run, the next one in this series. This is my first dystopian book and, I quite liked it! The story is set in the future where humans have exhausted earth’s resources and the subsequent repercussions take an ugly form.

Nick Sorrows is an agent working for the Environmental Security and he is undercover to find Jon Janicks and his terrorizing plans with The Mother Earth’s Insurgency. Nick is successful in penetrating Janick’s small group but when he encounters Janick’s heartless ways to stop anyone in his way, Nick wonders if he’s made a mistake. Nick’s job is to find out this plans and report back but it isn’t always that simple, is it?

The Mother Earth Insurgency is a novelette so it is a quick and interesting read. As mentioned, it is my first dystopian so I was hesitant in the beginning. But the story has situation we haven’t yet encountered that appeals to the curious minds and also loads of action, so it is quite absorbing. I was glued from the start and all the way through. Although a short story, it gives us a glimpse of what might be, if we are not too careful with our Mother Earth.

The narrative writing style is good and in the third person. Since, it is a short story the detailing was adequate and elaborated where necessary. The vision created by the author about a future earth was fascinating but simple enough to grasp. All in all, this book is a perfect one to begin with if you are new to dystopia, like me.

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*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***

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