Author Interview: Hannah Fielding

Hello everyone! Today I have the honor of interviewing the award winning author, Hannah Fielding, whose latest release Aphrodite’s Tears  is already winning hearts across the globe.

Take a look at the cover, isn’t it enticing?

Aphrodites Tears

BookVue: Hello Hannah, it is an honor to have you on my blog today! First things first, Congratulations on your new release, Aphrodite’s Tears! How do you feel about your new release?

HannahFielding: Thank you so much for having me, Chitra. I am thrilled about the release of Aphrodite’s Tears. I think authors love all of their works, but some stand out as firm favourites, and this is one of mine. I so enjoyed writing this book, and I have been eager to share it with my readers. As you no doubt are aware, there is quite a gap in the publishing process between the author completing the manuscript and the publisher releasing the book, edited, typeset and designed; and for the author the weeks can tick by slowly. So it is a wonderful feeling of release, indeed, on release day!

BV: What were the challenges you faced while writing Aphrodite’s Tears?

HF: Quite honestly, this book was a dream to write, for two reasons:

1) I love the setting, in the Greek islands. For me, this is such a romantic place. I honeymooned there, and have since visited several times with my husband. Each time I have been swept away by the sheer beauty of the surroundings. Such stunning sunsets!

2) I am absolutely fascinated by Greek mythology. Ever since, as a child, I read my first anthology of stories from the Ancient Greek civilisation, I have been hooked. It was fabulous to infuse my writing with this passion for mythology – and also archaeology, for the heroine is an archaeologist. Actually, the only challenge I really faced was not getting too caught up in exploring the past, but keeping a strong focus on Oriel and Damian’s love story.

BV: Your love for travel is evident from your books. What does it take to form a story with the local scenario and people in mind?

HF: It takes the spark of an idea, first and foremost. The love story, the hero and heroine – these elements come first.

Then, once I know the setting – and this knowledge often comes early in the genesis of a novel – I travel there. I explore, on foot usually; I visit museums and monuments; I people-watch in cafes; I speak to the locals. I find a beautiful spot with a view and I drink in all the sights and scents and sounds. I breathe in the place.

Then, back home, I research. Books are my favourite means of learning about the setting and the culture, but I also turn to the Internet. I cook meals from the cuisine of the region; I listen to folk music. For Aphrodite’s Tears, I even learned about traditional Greek dances, and tried out a few myself.

BV: Do you want to keep writing romances or have you thought about branching out to a different genre?

HF: Goodness me, no! I have never yearned to write anything but romance. Romance is in my blood, and it always has been. As a young child first discovering the world of fantasy through the fairy tales my governess would tell me, I was thrilled by the adventure in the story, but it was always the romance that most captivated me. When I came to write stories myself, it was apparent at once that romance and writing went hand in hand for me.


BV: What are you currently working on? Can we expect a series from you soon?

HF: My forthcoming books are standalones.

After Aphrodite’s Tears, my next novel is set in two of my favourite countries, France and Italy, transporting readers to the Côte d’Azur and to Lake Como. It is, as you would expect of these passionate countries, a concerto of romance and sensation.

I have three more novels in the works as well. They are set, respectively, in Egypt, Ireland and the beautiful Camargue, France.


Thank you, Hannah, for so kindly giving me your time! We all eagerly await your new releases!

So, that’s all folks! I hope you had fun, as did I, with Hannah and if you want to know what I thought of Aphrodite’s Tears, then click here.



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