Book Review: The Burgas Affair

Title: The Burgas Affair
Author: Ellis Shuman
Genre: Fiction, Crime, Mystery
Pages: 327

Rating: 4.4/5

I have been sighting this book on social media since long and had to remind myself not to jump at it before completing my prior assignments. The Burgas Affair by Ellis Shuman is a thriller that has rave reviews coming from everywhere and when I finally got down to reading it, I just couldn’t stop!

Detective Boyko Stanchev works for the Bulgarian Intelligence and when a bomb goes of right outside the Burgas airport, he is called upon to join the investigation. Since there were Israeli passengers on the bus where the bomb went off, a team of investigators from Tel Aviv join in. Ayala Navon, an Israeli analyst, is paired with Boyko to solve the bombing that looks like a terrorist attack. As they begin the investigation, they are repeatedly attacked by unknown people. Confused but determined, Ayala and Boyko race against time and perils and it seems Boyko’s past is finally catching up with him, but will it take Ayala down along?

I have so many things to say about the book, I don’t know where to begin! Let me first say that I thoroughly enjoyed it! The prologue was intriguing enough for me to get started. Everything from the setting to the characters to the plot, was all weaved perfectly to create a story that has a lasting impression.  I’ve never had a fascination for Bulgaria but it was so beautifully described in the story that now I want to visit it! The plot is fast paced and intriguing at the same time, perfect for a thriller.

The characterization of Ayala and Boyko is so well done. I always like it when in the midst of crimes and chases, there is a bit of romance thrown in and  The Burgas Affair is one such book. The author was very clear what he wanted to put down and it was a pleasure to experience a different country and a captivating story through his words.

All in all, an absorbing book that is complete with romance and a nail biting climax!

Definitely recommended!


Get Your Copy Here
Amazon INAmazon US | Amazon UK

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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