Book Review: Alexander The Great – Student of Aristotle, Descendant of Heroes (BiographyIn60)

Title: Alexander The Great – Student of Aristotle, Descendant of Heroes (BiographyIn60)
Author: in60Learning
Genre: Biography, World History
Pages: 41
Publisher: in60Learning

Rating: 4/5

This e-book was sent to me by in60Learning. Alexander the Great: Student of Aristotle, Descendant of Heroes (BiographyIn60) It is a biography which can be read in one hour. I will be providing more details about in60Learning below (just look in the Other Details section of the review). Let us start with a summary and then onto the review.


This book is a biography of Alexander The Great. The book begins from his birth and onwards towards his young age when he ascends the throne and harbors an undiminishable desire to conquer the world. The book takes the reader on a concise but illuminating journey of the popular conqueror and ends with his death and the perishing of the Macedonian empire.

What I Liked

In my opinion, in60Learning is a good option for those who want quick information on some of the topics they have on offer. I liked that they are short and concise and provide more than just an overview.

In this book, Alexander’s life is well described. The narrative is in a simple language with important events in his lifetime highlighted. The reader gets a fair idea about his accomplishments and his vices. Although, I can imagine how difficult it must have been to condense the life of a personality such as Alexander’s into a 60 minute read. Nevertheless, it was done successfully.

What I Did Not Like

One cannot expect the books to be detailed as the purpose of the book is to provide facts and figures within a limited time. So, if you’re looking for a tome on Alexander, then this is not for you.

Other Details

I would like to talk about in60Learning here. Their concept is simple. In 60 minutes, you can read informative material on concepts ranging from biographies of famous personalities, scientific and political and also financial topics. It has a wide selection of books to choose from. They also publish audio books, for those interested. You can find a selection of their books, here.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes! If you want to try out reading biographies (or any other topic) in 60 minutes, then definitely give this a try! I would especially recommend this to younger readers and students, I think it should help them a great deal.


Get Your Copy Here
Amazon INAmazon US | Amazon UK

*** This book was sent to me by in60Learning in exchange for an honest review. ***


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