Book Review: The Highway Man

Title: The Highway Man
Author: J. Alchem
Genre: Fiction, Literature, Short Stories
Pages: 32

Rating: 4/5

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Book Review: Half Pants Full Pants : Real-Life Tales from Shimoga

Title: Half Pants Full Pants: Real-Life Tales from Shimoga
Author: Anand Suspi
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary
Pages: 221
Publisher: Hector Beverages India Private Limited

Rating: 4.5/5

Falling In Love Again

Rating: 3.5/5 Title: Falling In Love AgainAuthor: Ruskin BondGenre: Fiction, RomancePages: 208Publisher: Rupa PublicationsISBN-13: 9788129120434 I have always associated Ruskin Bond with ghost stories and haunted houses in the hills, but a romantic book? I had to try this one out! The books contains several short stories of romance and love. The emotions bared by the author are surprising to someone like me because, as I said … Continue reading Falling In Love Again

And Thereby Hangs a Tale

Rating: 3/5 Title: And Thereby Hangs a TaleAuthor: Jeffrey ArcherGenre: FictionPages: 273Publisher: Pan BooksISBN-13: 9780330453141 An excellent collection of fifteen short stories by Jeffrey Archer. Again, some of them are inspired by true incidents. But this time, the stories are a step more interesting and refreshing maybe because they are from various parts of the world. There is one based in India too. Some of my favorite … Continue reading And Thereby Hangs a Tale

Cat O’Nine Tales

Rating: 3/5Title: Cat O’Nine TalesAuthor: Jeffrey ArcherGenre: FictionPages: 255Publisher: India Book DistributorsISBN-13: 9780330449625 Cat O’Nine Tales is another set of twelve interesting short stories by Jeffery Archer. As with his previous short story collections, this book too has a few stories he picked up during his prison days. Some good ones include ‘Don’t drink the water’, ‘Maestro’, ‘The Alibi’ and ‘In the eye of the Beholder’. It … Continue reading Cat O’Nine Tales