Dr. Syd K

  “Let me begin by saying that I came across Chitra Iyer’s Book review services through a contact of mine and I subsequently got in touch with her to review my book.  Her response was very prompt and courteous and she immediately accepted to review my book in spite of her very busy schedule. She told me that she would get the review done within … Continue reading Dr. Syd K

Chitrangada Mukherjee

“She’s someone who actually ‘reads’ your book. I have come across reviewers who don’t read your book completely, especially if it’s from a new author or if the genre doesn’t interest them. Chitra reads, ponders and then pens her review thoughtfully and eloquently. She is every writer’s dream reader. And reviewer. Thanks Chitra for reading my work, hopefully you will read and review my next one too…” Chitrangada Mukherjee … Continue reading Chitrangada Mukherjee

Alistair Cross

“Chitra Iyer’s reviews are thoughtful, honest, and timely. She is fair, professional, and knows what to look for in a story. We authors need more reviewers just like her.” -Alistair Cross Author of Sleep Savannah Sleep   Continue reading Alistair Cross

Rick Sulik

“Thank you, Chitra, very much for your professionalism. Your honest review, and display of my novel, Death Unmasked, on your interesting blog, Book Vue, was genuine and appreciated. I hope there will be many readers, all over the globe, that will read your colorful blog, and be interested in reading, Death Unmasked. All the best to you, Chitra, in your endeavors.” Rick Sulik / Author … Continue reading Rick Sulik

Feather Stone

“Chitra is an excellent reviewer. She responded to my request quickly. And her review indicated she truly had read Forbidden because she fully understood the characters and plot. I highly recommend Chitra if you’re looking for an honest and professional review.” Feather Stone Author of Forbidden – Better Wear Your Flack Jacket Continue reading Feather Stone

A K Bruinn

“I don’t know how I lucked out in getting Chitra Iyer to review my book, since Defending Rebecca is not listed as one of the genres she’s interested in reviewing, but the stars aligned and she accepted my request! As a Mom of two myself, I can appreciate the precious hours she had to spend to not only read my novella, but to also post … Continue reading A K Bruinn

Katarina West

“It was such a pleasure to work with Chitra. She’s friendly, punctual and 100 % professional. So… a five star book blog!” Katarina West Author of The Thousand Tiny Miracles of Living Twice (Angel Aid Book 1) Continue reading Katarina West

Krishna Raj

“As an independent author, who is trying to share stories with the world, it becomes necessary to seek the help of many voices who can aid the cause. Chitra is one such voice which is enthusiastic, honest and prompt while reviewing a book. Independent authors such as I can only wish there were more reviewers like her. Thanks for the support, Chitra!” 🙂 Krishna Raj … Continue reading Krishna Raj

Morgan C. Talbot

“Chitra Iyer’s Book Vue is professional blog, responds in a timely manner, and provides excellent detail along with a natural emotional reaction to the stories presented in her reviews. Her reviews are honesty condensed. Ms. Iyer is a team player; she accepted my book for review when it was just one in a sea of stories. After her review was posted, my book made its … Continue reading Morgan C. Talbot

Mukul Kumar

“Chitra had been one of the first to accept to review my book http://bookvue.wordpress/2017/03/book-review-dont-believe-in-god-till-you-experience-him/. She was also very kind to interview me. For a little known author like me, it is a great honor and moral boosting experience. A very honest and fair review of the book and a thoughtful interview. I have been very pleased with the efforts of Chitra. I would highly recommend Chitra … Continue reading Mukul Kumar