Book Review: Ghosts of the Silent Hills -Stories Based on True Hauntings

Title: Ghosts of the Silent Hills – Stories Based on True Hauntings
Author: Anita Krishan
Genre: Fiction, Horror
Pages: 312
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing

Rating: 4/5

Hi there! Today I bring you a review of a recent release by Fingerprint! Publishing, Ghosts of The Silent Hills. The cover and the title (stories are based on true happenings) instantly caught my attention and I was all up for reading this one.

On wards to the review then!


The book consists of short stories, all with supernatural elements to them. The book consist of two parts – the first one has stories that actually happened with the author’s family and the second have stories that could be written as a result of hearsay, I believe.

Nevertheless, a total of ten stories manage to make sure you check twice under your bed and outside your window at night. I did.

What I Liked

As mentioned earlier, I love the cover and the title. I love Ruskin Bond and this book reminded me of his books because of the similar settings. Hilltops, snowy silence, winding roads with near-zero visibility, you get the drift.

The stories in this book are spooky and along with the eerie setting created by the author, they are sure to keep you on edge. The author, Anita Krishan, has a very rustic style of writing and I enjoyed that. Since these are short stories, they make for a perfect read during a weekend or travel.

What I Did Not Like

I found a couple of stories to be dragging, especially Lonely in Death. Also, I thought the repetitive usage of words, for e.g. ‘shadow’, could have been avoided.

Other Details

I liked the author’s writing style and would want to read more of her works.

Would I Recommend It?

Definitely. Pick this up and get ready for a ghostly experience!


Buy the book:


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